Blueprint Marketing

Just as a builder relies on a blueprint when building a house, so, too, should a marketer rely on a strategy when building an audience. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

Today’s fast-paced marketplace is saturated with content, leading many businesses focus too much on content quantity and velocity and not enough (or at all) on content quality and purpose. This focus on volume produces content that is difficult to link to business objectives.

In contrast, content that is created as part of a research-driven strategy has clear purpose, drives value for a defined target audience, and can be measured to clearly prove ROI.

Blueprint Marketing works alongside businesses and marketing agencies to introduce a strategy-first approach to content marketing. We conduct audience research, analyze brand positioning, assess the competitive landscape and identify marketplace opportunities to create content strategies, or as we like to call them: Blueprints.

No two Blueprints are the same. We don’t follow a template or cookie-cutter process. Each project is approached independently to produce a fully customized content strategy to help the client address its unique business and marketing objectives.

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