I was just reading this week’s assignment and was really surprised with the information provided about the decrease in average click-through rates of banner ads.

Did you see this, too?

“In the mid-90s, the average click-through rate (i.e., the number of users who clicked on an ad divided by the number of times the ad was delivered) for banner ads was around 10 percent; by 1997 it was down to two percent. Today, the CTR for banners is less than one percent…”

I already knew that average rates are far below 1% today, however, I had no clue that they used to be up around 10%! That’s incredible. I can’t imagine the jubilee I would see on my CEO’s face if we achieved 10% click-throughs on even one of our banner ads!

I would be interested to see what the average click-through rate is in our class. Would you all please take part in my highly-scientific poll? Thanks!

Yowza! Who knew this about click-through rates?!
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One thought on “Yowza! Who knew this about click-through rates?!

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    I recall when pop-up ads really were a novelty in the 90s. However, times have changed and unless there is some really compelling content, a nice, jazzy video or some spiffy creative displayed within a designated online space, I’d rather find the website myself than click on a banner ad. They are somewhat of a trap in my mind. Not to mention all the tracking that happens when I do decide to click on an ad. I like my privacy.


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