Are you adding value or just adding to the clutter?

One thing I’ve learned in this class, as a marketer and just by being someone who tries to keep up with social media is that there is a LOT of clutter out there. It seems today that everyone is Tweeting, asking you to “Like” them, telling you to scan their QR codes, requiring you to sign in, asking you to check-in, and hoping you’ll “Follow” them.

To all of this congestion I ask one question: Why?

What’s the point? What’s in it for me? And as a marketer, I must remind myself that my target market feels the same way. Lately, I’ve been trying to ask myself as I work on strategy for new campaigns and implement various tactics am I communicating something that my target audience will perceive as valuable or am I just adding to the clutter?

I read an article that mentioned this issue. The point of the article was actually a different issue entirely, but I think it had a good point:

“Consider the mom market, for example. Moms are completely social, mobile, and local. Their lives, though, are not just “mobile” or “social” or “local.” They’re all of those things, all the time.

If you’re trying to get moms to purchase your brand of kids’ shampoo, for example, clarify how you’re going to make their lives easier, simpler, and better. You don’t necessarily need to “be social” and get them to “Like” your Facebook page. Rather, you need to demonstrate how you’ll solve their problems. Period. Are you less expensive? Can your shampoo clean icky, sticky gunk out of kids’ hair?

Sure, use social, mobile, and local platforms to explain how you’ll solve their problems, but don’t stop there. Solve their problems via your website and parenting and partner sites. Use every possible customer touch point, and moms will love you, not just “Like” you.”

I think this is such a key factor to remember when utilizing any form of emerging media. So, how are you encouraging increased customer engagement through social media?

Here’s an example of how Starbucks does it. I like it. In fact, I think I’ll go ahead and use some of their tips and tricks!

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