Google+: The Complete Guide

Are you wondering what Google+ is all about? Don’t know what clicking “+1” does? How do Circles work? And what’s a Hangout, anyway?

Check out this great guide for Google+, which is updated regularly by Mashable. As they learn more about Google+, they add more to the guide. It’s a great resource for people who want to learn more about Google+, including anyone from complete novices to advanced users!

I found the “Why Should Someone Use Google+?” section to be particularly helpful. It provides tips not from Mashable, but from Google+ users who responded to the question “Why should someone use Google+?” posted on Mashable’s site and social media updates. Although more than 500 responses were received, Mashable chose to include in the guide just six of the responses that were most representative of all of the feedback they received.

For example, one user, Jason Poggioli, said, ““Google+ is a much cleaner way to selectively share data with others. As Google integrates more of their other cloud products, like Documents, Calendar, and Reader, you’re going to see it become one of the primary means of absorbing the data streaming from the Internet and sharing it with others.”

Did you find this guide to Google+ to be useful? What was the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Google+ so far? Tell me why you do or do not use Google+. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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