A time to reap. A time to sow. A time to share?

Did you know there is a specific time of day and a specific day of the week that are particularly good for sharing? Yes, it’s true. So when does the magic happen? Peak sharing occurs at 9:30am EST and the most popular day of the week for sharing is Wednesday. See for yourself!

Pretty interesting, right?

Now, why do you think that is? Personally, I think that 9:30am EST is so common because it is also 8:30am CST, 7:30am MST, and 6:30 PST. Most of the country is in the midst of their morning routine. We’re waking up, getting ready for the day, commuting to work, getting settled into the office, etc. Many of us spend some time during our morning rituals checking in with the world. We check our emails, read articles that pop up on our Google Desktops and RSS feeds, click around in Facebook, scan our favorite blogs and see what’s happening for the day. Then, we share.

So, does this mean Americans really are are morning people?

Now, WHERE are we doing our sharing? According to the graphic below, Twitter is the clear leader.

Twitter leader in shares
Twitter leads social sharing

According to Unruly Media, from its inception until now, shares via Twitter grew an astounding 35,356%. This was more than six times the 5,809% growth in Facebook Likes.

Leave a comment and let me know when and where you’re most likely to share!

One thought on “A time to reap. A time to sow. A time to share?

  1. This really does not surprise me much. The first thing I do in the morning is grab my iPhone and check email, the weather, headlines, etc. and if I happen across something compelling, it is easier to share it right then and there (even if everyone else is sound asleep) than to make a note to come back to it later one. On the flip side, I also do this at night as I am winding down. This way I am up to speed on all the day’s happenings.

    Great information!


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