You are your own media company

you are your own media companyI just read a really great (albeit pretty old) post from the fabulous Joe Pulizzi about creating “Epic Content Marketing”. There was some really great advice throughout the article, but one point stood out to me above all the rest. Here’s what Joe said:

“The point is this: You are your own media company. As a media company, you need to focus on your subscription channels in order to deliver on your marketing goals. And the only thing that keeps those subscription channels growing and vibrant is consistent amounts of epic content.”

I couldn’t agree more. Successful marketers today have a solid understanding of this reality. Think about it. Whether it’s a cable network, a print or digital publication, or a movie studio, media companies are all in the business of producing content that will lead to faithful viewers. Their success or failure is decided by their audience. To be successful, they must know and understand the audience they are trying to reach. They must 1) reach them, 2) hook them and 3) keep them coming back for more.

How are we as marketers any different? We are charged with delivering strong leads to our companies that will convert to customers. To do that, we must be able to not only cast a wide net by sending content out into the sea of prospective customers, but also leverage tools and tactics that will allow us to reel in a nice, large “catch” of subscribers who will continue to consume our content and also share it with others. That’s how we expand our reach, which, in turn, makes our marketing more effective.

The big point Joe was trying to make with his post was that we marketers should not forget about the importance of subscriptions. And I think he’s right. In a world where “growth hacking” and trying to keep up with Google’s algorithms grab the marketing news headlines, it’s sometimes good to be reminded of the basics. Subscriptions matter.

Sure, SEO and new ideas for maximizing traffic are fantastic and should be embraced. But do take a step back and think about your subscribers. They are the ones who have opted-in. They’ve told you they want to hear from you. That they like what you have to say. That you have their attention.

After all, where would today’s most successful media companies be if they neglected their most loyal viewers?

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