These Stock Photos are Brilliant (Yes, I’m Serious)

Vince Vaugn is pretty funny. I’ve belly-laughed and rolled my eyes all the way through a few of his movies.

I’ve also belly-laughed and rolled my eyes at more than a few stock photos.

When I came across some stock photos that one might use to represent tired over-used buzzwords like “synergy”, “circle-back” or “there’s no ‘I’ in team”, I was blown away …by their brilliance.

Wait, what?

Yes, these photos were brilliant. Why? They feature Vince Vaughn and his co-stars from an upcoming movie. I’m not sure what Unfinished Business is going to be about, but I think I get the picture from these, well, pictures. Take a look.

Unfinished Business Movie
Mike Pancake from Apex Select attends a business presentation in a boardroom
Unfinished Business Movie
Dan Trunkman and Mike Pancake applaud a successful business meeting
Unfinished Business Movie
Business team enjoying victory

Whether or not anyone actually uses these photos as stock imagery is irrelevant. It’s the creative marketing behind it that makes this marketing nerd giddy. What a fun, different way to generate a buzz! The photos are available for free (for editorial use only) through Getty Image’s iStock. When you want to download the photos, you have to set up a free iStock account. A tad annoying, perhaps, but I don’t mind. (hey, I did it for this post!) Way to get in on the action, iStock!

I can only guess from this marketing tactic that they are targeting business people (particularly marketers, perhaps?) who will appreciate the direct shot they are taking at the cheesy, over-produced stock photos we have all been subjected to throughout our careers. By appealing to this career-long annoyance, the marketers promoting this movie are telling me that the entire movie is going to “get it” …and make me belly-laugh a lot.

I’ve written about personas recently and this is a beautiful example of why they’re so important and how to put them to work. Yes, they are already getting some criticism because they are only free for editorial use, which I agree is kind of silly. But I get it – there have to be some limitations on how these images are used. But that’s all beside the point, as far as I’m concerned. They won over this Marketing Mary. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find some places to use these stock photo gems.

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