INFOGRAPHIC: The Road to Omnichannel Marketing Excellence …starts with Email

Perhaps you’re a retailer and you’ve been using email to encourage your customers to buy online and in-store. But have you found it virtually impossible to manage all the data that is created as a result? It would be great to be able to leverage that data to create united, personalized experiences across other channels, but the mere concept of omnichannel marketing just feels too overwhelming.

Yet, an omnichannel marketing strategy is clearly the direction today’s most successful brands are headed. How will you ever accomplish it?

The reality is that few companies start out trying to build a complete marketing philosophy all at once. At Emarsys, we have found that many of our most successful clients conquer just one channel at a time – and many begin with email. Take a hard look at the way your email channel operates and make the necessary optimization changes. Then to see where you need to go from there, take a look at our Omnichannel Roadmap infographic, which you can also view here on the Emarsys blog.

omnichannel infographic

To learn more about how to use email as your first step toward omnichannel marketing excellence, download this whitepaper from Emarsys: Omnichannel Marketing Excellence Starts with Email.

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