Measurement Merriment

With the end of the year fast approaching, many marketers are beginning to think about how they will report the results of campaigns and strategies they've been working so hard to implement all year. We all know that measurement is critical, but when it comes to new and emerging media, what do you measure and … Continue reading Measurement Merriment

Rockin’ the Social Media Tree

I recently came across a great infographic created by Voltier Digital for about the five companies that are leading the way in social media marketing. I didn't expect to see the companies that were called out in the article. Did you? Listening: Dell Surprise: Morton's Resource Sharing: Unisys 24 Hour Customer Care:KLM Enhanced Entertainment: … Continue reading Rockin’ the Social Media Tree

Are you feelin’ it?

Obviously, we're all experiencing the increased adoption of various forms of emerging media. More and more companies seem to be engaging customers through social media, blogs, interactive websites, online advertising and webinars. Emerging media is everywhere! ...or is it? Just how much of this new media is your company using? If you're like the majority … Continue reading Are you feelin’ it?

A time to reap. A time to sow. A time to share?

Did you know there is a specific time of day and a specific day of the week that are particularly good for sharing? Yes, it's true. So when does the magic happen? Peak sharing occurs at 9:30am EST and the most popular day of the week for sharing is Wednesday. See for yourself! Pretty interesting, … Continue reading A time to reap. A time to sow. A time to share?

Small businesses compete by being nimble…and tech savvy

I love, love, love this article I just read about how a local coffee shop owner used social media savvy and a little spunk to compete with Starbucks. In summary, the article tells the story of a small coffee shop that began using Twitter to communicate with customers, meet their needs directly, promote the business and, … Continue reading Small businesses compete by being nimble…and tech savvy

Are you adding value or just adding to the clutter?

One thing I've learned in this class, as a marketer and just by being someone who tries to keep up with social media is that there is a LOT of clutter out there. It seems today that everyone is Tweeting, asking you to "Like" them, telling you to scan their QR codes, requiring you to … Continue reading Are you adding value or just adding to the clutter?

Quick, let’s do social media!

I don't know about the rest of you, but in the past, I've been in situations where our small, but might I say very mighty marketing department several times has been asked to "do Facebook", "get on LinkedIn" or "Tweet something". Someone reads an article like this and gets all nervous and anxious about some single … Continue reading Quick, let’s do social media!

Government use of social media for public safety

Social media isn't just changing our personal lives or even our professional lives in marketing. It's changing the world. A recent article I read really made me see social media in a whole new light. Georgia Tech, Professor Michael Best is drawing attention to how social media can help identify - even prevent - dangerous … Continue reading Government use of social media for public safety

Just getting started…

Emerging media is changing not only the way we work as marketers, but is completely shaking up the way we, as humans, communicate. Instead of relying on pen and paper, the United States Postal Service and costly long-distance phone calls, we can now text, chat, email, tweet, video chat, and follow the people and businesses … Continue reading Just getting started…