Small businesses compete by being nimble…and tech savvy

I love, love, love this article I just read about how a local coffee shop owner used social media savvy and a little spunk to compete with Starbucks. In summary, the article tells the story of a small coffee shop that began using Twitter to communicate with customers, meet their needs directly, promote the business and, … Continue reading Small businesses compete by being nimble…and tech savvy

Quick, let’s do social media!

I don't know about the rest of you, but in the past, I've been in situations where our small, but might I say very mighty marketing department several times has been asked to "do Facebook", "get on LinkedIn" or "Tweet something". Someone reads an article like this and gets all nervous and anxious about some single … Continue reading Quick, let’s do social media!

RESOURCE: Twitter Business Guide

I recently came across this presentation about how to use Twitter for business, specifically for marketing & communications. I found the Twitter Business Guide to be really helpful and I hope you do, too! Additionally, I like the way this was presented in Scribd. I'll have to learn more about that, too...